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JUNE 7, 2014
An interactive event

Buy tickets for Reproductive Justice Walking Tour, June 7 2014, New York City on Brown Paper Tickets.  $8.00  No service fee! (Discounts for seniors, students and prochoice activists! Email for information.)

RJWTbusinesscardWhat is it?
An exciting new project to literally put reproductive justice on the map in our lives, our history and our communities! Our starting place: New York City!

WHAT are we doing:
-Putting reproductive justice on its feet in our lives and our communities
-Creating a new model of activism for the prochoice community
-Seeing up-close the crossroads of abortion, contraception, economic justice, racial justice, immigration and more
-Mobilizing, learning, having fun

Visit our Reproductive Justice Walking Tour site!

INTERESTED IN JOINING THE PLANNING TEAM? Email us: Reprojusticewalk@gmail.com.

SEE photos on Tumblr, here.

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INTERESTED IN JOINING THE PLANNING TEAM? Email us: Reprojusticewalk@gmail.com.

Supported by The Puffin Foundation, the Abortion Conversation Project, the Anne Hale Johnson and Arthur Johnson Trust of the Community Foundation of Washington, and individual donors.
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Live Streaming!

LIVE STREAMING performances 2013 in the first-ever WiredArts Fest produced by VirtualArtsTV.

Wired Arts Fest

Groups and individuals around the country and the world participated in a LIVE streaming arts event and conversation on choice!

Read more here, here and here. (UPDATE, June 2013: The stream is ongoing at VirtualArtsTV, here.)

Local organizations coordinated house viewing parties. See the Viewing Party Packet here. And a Free Original Poster pdf or jpeg. Also available for downloading, A FREE APP; read more here.

Joining us for discussions: Amanda Marcotte, blogger at Pandagon, writer; Lori Adelman, a contributing editor at Feministing; Lynn Roberts, founding board member of SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective; and award-winning filmmaker Marion Lipschutz.

Live Streaming Performance Featured:
Crista Marie Jackson, Carl H. Jaynes and Claudia Schneider
Under the direction of Francesca Mantani Arkus;
Stage Manager: Kelly Vieau;  Artistic Consultant: Stacey Linnartz;  Art by Heather Ault, 4000 Years for Choice;  Outreach and Marketing Director: Emma Shakarshy
Marketing and Public Relations Consultant: Ashley Paskalis;  Assistant, Marketing: Tiffany Colasuonno;  Producer: Cindy Cooper

See the Theater Program here.

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