Dynamic Theater – For Reproductive Freedom!

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Words of Choice is theater. In each performance Reproductive Freedom soars in a tapestry of 14 powerful ‘shorts’ — serious and comic. These are stories from the heart: humorous and tender;  poignant and riveting, from theater, spoken word,  comedy,  poetry,  oral history and journalism. “Smart, funny, endangered!” Words of Choice is professional theater with an exciting collection of works from a dozen writers, performed by an ensemble of actors. Words of Choice blazes with the transformative power of theater — at its best! We’re not going back! Fascinating stories:

– Letter writers pour out their feelings to Justice Harry Blackmun

– A fed-up doctor outwits anti-abortion harassers

– A young woman reaches to a higher power before a pregnancy test

– Two women unburden 14 years of sin

– A Vietnam vet recounts the terror of an illegal abortion

– A young person realizes that she is not the sum of her body parts

Three actors, 70 minutes, and stories that will inspire you, enrich you, remind you — & stay with you.

Created by Cindy Cooper, Words of Choice has traveled to 20 states to open new conversations about reproductive freedom, reproductive rights, reproductive justice and our bodily autonomy!


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