Activist Tips

Activist Tips from Words of Choice

– Help your local abortion fund. Abortion funds help women without financial resources to pay for an abortion. They need help staffing hotlines, tabling at events, doing social marketing and updating websites. Find one in your area at National Network of Abortion  Funds. If there’s no fund in your city, consider starting one!

– Read Pro-Choice Blogs. One way to stay informed is to read feminist blogs. Here are a few to get you started:

– Write a song, a poem, a rap. Explore your thoughts using your artistic imagination. To start, write new words to a tune you already know (sort of the karoke in reverse). Check out Lauren Zuniga’s spoken word.

– Talk about abortion with your friends and family. Find tips at The Abortion Conversation Project.

– Ask unassuming questions. For example, “Do you know anyone who has had an abortion in the past year?”

– Practice compassion. Every situation is unique and none of us are perfect.  Be ready to listen and learn.

– Be prepared for the unexpected: people’s lives and opinions are complicated.

– Be willing to explain (gently). Stock up on basics on abortion at the National Abortion Federation and Guttmacher Institute.

– Tell your abortion story. You can do so in person or online. Try (feminist health centers).

– Know about pro-choice resources for friends in need:

– Tweet. It’s an easy, instant and free way to connect with other feminists and to get news. Twitter 101 can help.  Send your abortion story to #ihadanabortion.

– Show films. Good documentaries include: The Abortion Diaries; I Had an Abortion; Beyond the Politics of Life & Choice; 12th & Delaware; The Coat Hanger Project; From Danger to Dignity; and The Education of Shelby Knox. Some good dramas: 4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days; Vera Drake; Fast Times at Ridgemont High; Citizen Ruth; The Cider House Rules; Dirty Dancing; Just Another Girl on the IRT; If These Walls Could Talk. A doc/drama mix: Words of Choice on DVD.

– Use creativity. Engage people’s right brains. See “Creativity Up,” the Words of Choice blog and info packaged with our DVD.  Some ideas:

– Expand your thinking. Good books on abortion providers: The Story of Jane: The Legendary Feminist Underground Abortion Service; This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor and Targets of Hatred. For the history of abortion politics, try Doctors of Conscience by Carole Joffe; Roe v Wade by Marian Faux and The Choices We Made by Angela Bonavoglia.

– Send us your new activist tips. We’ll promote them.

— Thanks to Steph Herold for development of these tips.


TELL WASHINGTON NOW: See the Words of Choice Video Campaign with other activist groups to stop an Abortion Ban for Patients Whose Health May be At Risk.  Watch video here.