Workshops on Creativity and Reproductive Freedom

In our program, AIRR — Artistic Investigations of Reproductive Rights — you can now schedule “Words of Choice” Creativity Workshops on their own, in conjunction with a performance, or as a DVD-add on.

In our hands-on workshops, participants are guided to experiment with arts, ideas and creative expression to explore their thinking, experience, collected information and feelings about Reproductive Freedom.

Here are some activities that we’ve created to use with our DVD … or use them with our compliments, and adapt them for your purposes.  Words of Choice Activities Guide

Find out how you and your organization can expand your outreach, your messaging, your emotional health and your impact by incorporating creative techniques and using the arts with our AIRR programs!

“Words of Choice” is a leader in the movement of arts and social justice. Our efforts earned us the 2009 NARAL Pro-Choice America Champion of Choice and the Abortion Conversations Project Vision Award in 2014.

Places We’ve Been:
Civil Liberties & Public Policy Program, Hampshire College
Pratt Institute
First Amnesty Human Rights Art Festival
Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore
New York University: Feminists Moving Forward
Independent Productions, TACT Studios
Sanctuary for Independent Media
NOW National Conference
Grassroots Media Conference